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Wellness Wednesday: How Can Journaling Improve Your Mental Wellness?

Written By: Mahogany Couvson

In this movement of centering holistic wellness, it is imperative that we be intentional about the methods that we choose to use to care for ourselves. As a writer, I have always found a sense of release in journaling my thoughts and feelings. If you are like me, a visual learner, verbalizing my thoughts in my personal penmanship is a liberating experience because it facilitates my capacity to see myself, my thoughts, my feelings, as well as separating any burdensome experiences that might be clogging up space in my brain. I like to think of my pen as a vehicle through which I am transporting the heaviness and intensity of my thoughts and feelings from my brain to the paper. This allows for a sense of clarity, because I imagine that whatever chaos is occurring in my brain is being cleared out and stored into a new, safe, judgment-free space that can hold my experiences for me. On that same note, I also turn to journaling when I am experiencing extreme joy and abundance, because I think it is significant to document the victories of my life because they are just as real as my growth opportunities. In order to amplify and experience holistic wellness in our girlhood, we should all be cognizant of documenting our joys for ourselves, so that what we are materializing on paper is a well-rounded expression of our experiences.

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